Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our First Meeting

Hello, and thank you to all of you who came to the first inaugural DCCohort! Despite the less then ideal setting, I think it was a success! Most people had a chance to at least meet each other (which was, of course, the main goal) and some good conversation was had (at least on my end of the table) despite the noisy environment.

Down on our end of the table we talked primarily about generational issues in ministry--why are twenty and thirty somethings absent from many churches? On the other hand, some of us came from churches of mostly 20 and 30 somethings, why? What is different about these churches? Is it good or bad to have churches that are primarily one age group? Can we help it?

What were other conversations that happened around the room?


Dan Elwell said...

Sorry I missed it - hopefully this will be the first of many conversations.

A few quick questions:
1) The blog states the groups is composed of United Methodists. Is this intentional or by accident?

2) Do you have a mailing list one could subscribe to? or at least a point of contact to find out more information?

3) What's the greographic range of the group? DC only? MD, VA?

DC Cohort said...

#1: some of the hosts happen to be UM, but all are wlecome.
#2: Sure, email me your info. at jasonm@crcc.org.
#3: Anyone who wants to come, mostly DC, MD, and Northern VA. We are meeting in DC.

Pat said...

Any discussion of next meeting place/day/time?

Pat said...

Any discussion of next meeting place/time/day?

Silk-screened Skintight said...

DC Cohort,

Greetings from Berlin, Germany! I am a UMC member from a small (very small) church in Leesburg, VA; however, my wife and I live and work aboard. We are missionaries working with a German emerging church that meets and runs out of a café in the heart of the city. I just came across this blog from emergent-US and could not help but be excited. I would love to be part of the conversation.