Thursday, August 10, 2006

Change of plans... Next Cohort Meeting Monday September 18

Hey gang, change of plans - The next cohort meeting will take place Monday September 18th at Guapos in Tenleytown. We have reserved the upstairs rooms so tell your friends and neighbors so we meet the minimum required number. :)

We will have a guest speaker, Don Dayton, author of "Discovering an Evangelical Heritage" with us to talk about the emerging church. Should be really great!

Let me know if you have questions.




DC Cohort said...

As some of you are aware, we were going to host a conference next month that fed off of Don Dayton's book, "Discovering an Evangelial Heritiage". It would be a good thing if you can read this before we meeting on the 18th. Don will with us and we will explore how our American-Christian roots of the 18th and 19th centuries have helped formed where we are going now as emerging people. You can purchase the book from the bookstore at Wesley Seminary (202-885-8681) It is not available on Amazon. Looking forward to it!

Liz said...

hey i'm brand new. so new in fact i won't be in dc until friday september 1st, but i have been reading this blog for a few months, anticipating my move to dc, and i am looking forward to getting involved. i've been at an emerging church in tejas for a few years and excited about being a part of what has been happening in d.c. btw, what conference are you guys hosting next month? the story we find ourselves in conference got cancelled right?

DC Cohort said...

Right - the conference is cancelled, BUT Don Dayton is coming to speak to the cohort group Sept 18 so hope you can come. We are all really looking forward to it.

I just found out BTW that you CAN get his book on Amazon. Something was quarky with my browser the day I tried before. So that's two ways you can get the book.

Also, we may try to revive the conference down the road. There has been a lot of interest so stay tuned.
Peace, Sara