Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brian McLaren, Pete Rollins and Phyllis Tickle Panel for November

Thanks to Nadia at Illif for setting up a terrific panel for us in November. We will meet Sunday November 19th - during the AAR meetings - to engage Brian McLaren, Pete Rollins and Phyllis Tickle. Keelan Downton has agreed to be the host for this DC Cohort event.

We will meet at the Capitol City Brewing Company from 7pm - 9pm (1100 New York Avenue, NW, WDC 202-628-2222) at 11th and H street. They are one block north of Metro Center.

Brian McLaren is author of many titles on the emerging movement and one of the co-founders of Emergent Village. He is also the founding pastor for Cedar Ridge Community Church in Spencerville, MD. Brian is currently traveling the world speaking on many emerging topics. For his schedule, go to

Pete Rollins is the founder and co-ordinator of Ikon (a community which describes itself as iconic, apocalyptic, heretical, emerging and failing) as well as being a writer and freelance lecturer in Philosophy. Check out his blog at

Phyllis Tickle, for many years Contributing Editor in Religion to Publishers Weekly, the international journal of the book industry, is frequently quoted in sources like USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, NY Times, PBS, NPR, The Hallmark Channel, etc., Tickle is an authority on religion in America and a much sought after lecturer on the subject. For additional information and to view her recent publications go to

We are looking forward to this event and hope to see you all there. Let me know if there are questions. Blessings,



Lae said...
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Josh said...

Was wondering if the panel was a separate event from the cohort gathering? On Phyllis' website, she has a discussion about "What is the Emerging Church..." from 4-6 p.m. And the cohort meeting is from 7-9 pm.

Are these different events, the panel and the cohort meeting? (I'm not sure what AAR is, so maybe that would help alleviate my confusion!) If they are different events, will McLaren, Rollins and Tickle be present at both the panel and the cohort meeting?

Sorry for all the questions!

DC Cohort said...

Hey Josh - sorry for the delay. The cohort/theology pub/panel are one thing and is happening from 7-9. All these folks are speaking at the AAR - American Academy of Religion - meeting that is taking place here in DC. The 4-6 talk is probobly something with the AAR.

Hope this helps! I won't be able to be there, but know this will be great!



Josh said...

thanks Sara!

spankey said...

can't wait for this weekend!