Monday, December 03, 2007

DC Cohort will meet December 11th at Front Page

Hi!! Have you eaten all the Thanksgiving turkey and now gearing up for Christmas cookies? Take a break from holiday bingeing; Come on down and share a pint and a burger with the cohort on the 11th of December. We will start talking about what part the cohort will want to play in Brian McLaren's book tour, Everything Must Change, when it comes through town in March. Cohorts all across the country are starting to join forces and enjoy community together. Let's talk about what that would look like for us!

For more info about the Brian's new book go to . Tour info is also available at this sight.

The Cohort will meet December 11, 2007 at 7pm

Front Page Restaurant at the Dupont Circle Metro

Questions? Drop me a line!
Blessings, Sara

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John E. said...

Looks like I'll have to miss this week's gathering -- I can't get away 'till at least 8:30pm. So I'll make my comment here.

I do think we should participate in some way in the EMC book tour; and I will definitely read the book beforehand; however I wouldn't want the Cohort to seem like a "McLaren fan club." Because Brian's so visible out there, there seems to be a perception that Emergent = McLaren disciples. (I like Brian's writing a lot; but he's not infallible, and there's much more to Emergent than BMcL.) Maybe one way to dispel this perception in the "Deep Shift" context is to affirm what we like about the book, but also raise issues we may have with the book's content or style? (Then again, once I finally read EMC, I may have nothing but unqualified, giddy enthusiasm for it! :-) Discuss...
I hope you can post an update on this blog.