Wednesday, August 20, 2008

September 9 - Church Leadership and Governmental structures: How can we become more post-modern??

Hey All!! We will gather next on Tuesday September 9 at the Front Page in Dupont Circle. We'll have a free-wheeling discussion of church leadership and government structures. Denominations? Hierarchies? Boards of elders? Pastors? To what extent are these cultural constructs, and how might these structures change as our culture becomes more and more postmodern? What forms might leadership take in tomorrow's emerging church?

Thanks to Crog for suggesting the topic! Write in if you have thoughts that you want to be included in the discussion.

Also coming this fall is Pete Rollins - speaker at the Emergent Mid-Atlantic gathering
November 7-8 in Philadelphia, PA
Registration and info at

See you 9/9 at 7pm at the Front Page!

peace and grace,

Sara 'n Jason

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