Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April 14th Gathering being led by Kate Murray

So what exactly happened on the cross? What happened on Good Friday? On Easter Sunday?
Some say Jesus took our place, paid the price, and redeemed us in the eyes of an angry God. Others say he cured humanity of a great illness, the sickness of sin. Still others aren't sure.

Join us April 14th at the Front Page at 7pm as we discuss one of the most debated and discussed topics in Christianity - what happened on the cross and the various atonement theories. What’s helpful for understanding Jesus’ death and resurrection and what isn’t so helpful, possibly even detrimental to our faith.

Thanks to Kate Murray for leading the discussion this month. If you have a topic, book idea, burning question or even something slightly heretical that you'd like to take the lead on, let us know.

The Front Page
at Dupont Circle metro

See you there!

Jason and Sara

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