Sunday, September 27, 2009

Next Cohort Gathering Tuesday October 13, 2009:: So much to talk about!

Fall greetings! We have had quite a few weeks and it ain't over yet. Several of us journeyed to the Chicago area to sit at the feet of Jurgen Moltmann, author of many great books on systematic theology and brillant theologian. The Emerging Conversation was wonderful and we (speaking for myself) came back renewed and full. In two weeks another group of us will pilgrimage to Solomon's Porch in Minneapolis, MN to experience Christianity 21. If you can go and haven't made plans yet, you should try to do this.

Our gathering on the 13th will be a debrief of these two events. I hope you can join us. Please drop me an e-mail so I'll be able to get the proper size table.

The Front Page Restaurant
DuPont Circle

Peace and grace,

Sara and Jason

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