Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year! New Topic! Join us Tuesday January 12th

Happy New Year everyone! We are very happy to host Keelan Downton as he discusses Open Source Theology on Tuesday January 12th at 7:30pm at the Front Page. When I asked him, "What's that?" he replied;

As a metaphor, 'open source' has more to offer the practice of Christian faith than 'blogs for all' and company in the dimly-lit corners where coffeeshops hide the one public outlet. In a presentation last fall, I argued that approaching theological reflection as a collective process may be the best way to encourage engagement with ancient tradition but that it only works when tradition is understood to include significant room for experimentation. I'd like to have a conversation that playfully explores four challenges that arise when we press that metaphor further:
  • a decompiler/hermeneutic challenge: do we have the tools to read the 'source' correctly and how could we verify that we have?
  • a coordination/coherence challenge: how can diverse people be organized in a way that values the contributions of each person and also makes progress on a shared project?
  • an assessment challange: how can we differentiate alpha theologies/practices from beta theologies/practices from theologies/practices that are mature enough to be 'release candidates'?
  • a responsiveness challange: when feedback for faith formation is imprecise and slow, how can communities be responsive to those the theology affects 'in real time'?

Come and engage the four challanges that Keelan is presenting. Who knows we may be on to something!!

The Front Page is located at Dupont Circle right across from the metro stop. We gather at 7:30pm and are usually winding up around 9:30pm. Join us for conversation andfellowship. Dinner is on your own.

Please let me know if you are planning on attending so I can make a proper reservation.

Peace and grace,

Sara and Jason

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